IGNITE Fortify

Security Solution Care & Feeding (maintenance)


Fortify your environment with IGNITE Fortify to care for your security products.

  • Security Software installations
  • Upgrades
  • Health checks
  • Threat hunting
  • Product tuning 

 All designed to maximize solution efficacy/ ROI by product certified Engineers.

With a few well-tuned tools you can accomplish more than you ever could with many poorly implemented superior solutions. 

...one example...

The best tool, not configured, is not worth much. At one 3-letter Federal agency there were more than $20M in security tools and a very talented staff of 17. The biggest Nations-State Cyber Warfare attack was discovered with a simple monitoring tool and a well trained partner. 

Proper tool configuration and ongoing maintenance needs to be a part of every individual security solution. The chances of success against basic attacks without security product maintenance is nearly ZERO.