Email Security

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Email seems to be a never-ending problem. As hard as the industry tries to ignore this seemingly ancient security sore, email still persists as the most exploited threat vector ever. Nearly 90% of all modern digital threats have an email element to the attack. 

The email security game is comprised of DMARC, SPF, DKIM, and SPAM filtering. When these controls are implemented, email gets secure enough to stop email fraud but not social manipulation altogether.

If you don't do these basics (DMARC, DKIM, SPF, Internal Auth) your risk and liability are high.

The problem is so expansive we created a site so that you can demonstrate this to yourself:

If you do these basics but have never tested the security controls, you should do it now. Its free and easy, just go to: and follow the instructions.

So, you failed the EmailSpoofTest challenge? You are not alone!

Get with an IGNITE Email Security Expert and fix this problem today.