Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data protection at every layer


IGNITE Security Engineers and Security Officers have been driving DLP success at thousands of companies, around the world, since 2008.  

  • We use DLP to secure or control business data-flow
  • We use DLP to discover and prevent Cyber Warfare Threats (and the easy threats too)
  • We use data behavior to understand Risk

Did you know DLP is an Access Control?

We do so much DLP, that we made

(thousands of DLP tests done around the world daily)

The Problem:

Your chances of DLP success without help are nearly zero. 

The Solution: 

Get expert help with;

  • DLP Solution Selection
  • DLP Tuning
  • Data Risk Assessments
  • DLP Health & ROI Check
  • DLP upgrade and implementation
  • UEBA (behavior analytics)