Cloud app control (CASB)

Next generation, cloud infrastructure protection

Shadow IT or "Consumer Cloud Control" is controlling the use of unauthorized cloud resources for business.  

CASB or Cloud Access Service Broker is a solution that proxies and controls access to corporate cloud resources. This enables and advanced level of control and security for cloud apps.

Not to be confused with "Cloud Service Delivery", where your company provides a web based app or service that your customers log into. Cloud Service Delivery solutions coming soon.

The Problem:

There are actually 2 risk threads that we associate with consumer cloud services.

  1.  Users storing corporate data on non-corporate (shadowIT) resources
  2. Unauthorized cloud access to corporate cloud resources

The Solution: 

Get expert help with;

  • Shadow IT Assessment (how big is your problem)
  • CASB Service config and integration
  • Web Filtering Solutions, Cloud Tuning