The IGNITE Story


The Board

We have a closed Board of Directors made of highly talented, world renowned industry experts. IGNITE is 100% self funded.


The IGNITE Cyber-Defense Team

Hyper talented individuals that prefer to stay in the shadows. 

Hit the contact page to join the team.

Also known as CWRT


Chuck (Charles) Sirois, Founder & Launching CEO

The harvester of innovation and talent, to build exciting things out of the collective greatness.  

"I owe everything to my amazing team!"

The ICS ManagementTeam

Neguiel Hicks

Neguiel Hicks

Neguiel Hicks

 Chief Legal Officer 

Ashraf Ghaban

Neguiel Hicks

Neguiel Hicks

 Vice President of International Sales 

Alec Sirois

Downs Spitler

Downs Spitler

 Vice President of Security Engineering 

Downs Spitler

Downs Spitler

Downs Spitler

 Vice President of Social Engineering 

Mark Sirois

Renard Banks

Renard Banks

 Vice  President of Business Development 

Renard Banks

Renard Banks

Renard Banks

 Vice President of Federal Sales 

Aaron Dunbar

  Vice President of Research Engineering  

ICS Mission

Protect businesses from threats

IGNITE Cyber is focused on enabling secure technology adoption through intelligent business decisions. We are focused on providing a secure and stable business environment for everyone.

Educate & help

We help companies grow technology, educate people, and advance their business by dissolving technology road-blocks.

Give back

IGNITE Cyber is based on give-back! We bring new talent into the Cyber Security field and provide free tools & services to help industry. 

We grow our own talent!

Privacy Policy

  1. IGNITE Cyber does not sell or share your data.
  2. IGNITE Cyber does not purposely collect data for any reason other than to provide this website and the ability to purchase online.
  3. This website is hosted by a 3rd party so we only have limited control but we promise to do our best to protect your data.
  4. If you find a privacy violation please notify us immediately.